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To obtain a brochure for the Practical Nursing Program, you may do one of the following:

■ Call our program to have a brochure and application mailed to you – 717-248-3933 Ext. 5831
■ Email our program at to have a brochure and application mailed to you.
■ Download the program brochure and application and mail it to the program.



Reference Form


Steps in the Application Process
(Please refer to the program brochure for the complete Application Process).


1. BROCHURE: Read this brochure.

2. APPLICATION: Complete the application form, including your personal statement, and return it to the program along with the non-refundable fee of $60 and an official copy of your high school transcript or official G.E.D. scores.

Please send an official transcript of your high school records. To obtain your transcript, contact the principal or guidance counselor of the high school from which you graduated to request a copy be sent to this school. The transcript must reflect your graduation date and be signed by a school official. This brochure contains a transcript request form that may be used.

If you are not a high school graduate, it will be necessary for you to take the G.E.D. examination. If you already have the G.E.D., you will need to send a copy of your diploma and a copy of your official G.E.D. grade sheet to our school at the above address. You may obtain G.E.D. scores from:

Commonwealth Diploma Program
PA Department of Education
333 Market Street, 12th Floor
Harrisburg PA 17126-0333
Phone: (717) 783-6747

3. REFERENCES: Ask two professionals to complete the reference forms included with this packet. They must then give it back to you to submit with your application packet or mail it directly to the school. Professional references should be obtained from a teacher, school or career counselor or your work supervisor. This form should not be completed by friends or relatives.

4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LETTER: You will then receive an email (a letter will be sent if no email address is given) acknowledging receipt of your application. This email will contain information regarding the purchase of a study guide for the pre-entrance exam – KAPLAN Nursing School Entrance Exam, information about preparing for the exam and information about classes offered by the local CareerLink.

· Pre-entrance testing is conducted as part of the application process.

5. PRE-ENTRANCE TESTING APPOINTMENT: After your complete application (application, fee, transcript or GED scores and references) is submitted, you will receive a pre-entrance testing appointment.

· Applications for the September class will be accepted from January 1 through June 30 and testing will occur from April through July 15.  If class fills any time before July 15, applicants will automatically be considered for the next March class.  Testing will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays, twice a month during the testing periods.

· Applications for the March class will be accepted from July 1 through December 31 and testing will occur from October through January 15.  If class fills any time before January 15, applicants will automatically be considered for the next September class.  Testing will be Tuesdays and Wednesdays, twice a month during the testing periods.

6. PRE-ENTRANCE TESTING: KAPLAN – Nursing School Entrance Exam is required. Applicants must pass the examination at or above a 60% to be considered for entrance to the nursing school.

· Interested persons may purchase a study guide to prepare for the exam by ordering it from the link on our website to, from any book store or by checking with your local library using the ISBN #: 978-1-4195-5034-8.

· Results of pre-entrance testing will be available the day of testing.  Upon request, a copy of the results may be mailed to you.


7. SELECTION PROCEDURE: The Admissions Committee consists of the faculty and administration of the Academy. When the required forms, test scores and information are completed on all applicants, the Coordinator of Practical Nursing schedules a meeting of the Admissions Committee. The Committee, on the basis of all available information, selects the persons to be admitted to the program who demonstrate an overall aptitude for nursing.

Offers of admission will be made based on all components of the application process including application completion, personal statement, letters of reference, pre-entrance test score and clear criminal background check.

School Board policy stipulates those qualified applicants from Mifflin and Juniata Counties be given preference for admission. Applicants from other counties will be considered for admission after qualified candidates from Juniata and Mifflin Counties have been exhausted.


Admission will be revoked if an individual is found to have been convicted of a felony under the “Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act.” Convicted includes judgment, admission of guilt, or plea of nolo contendere during background check data collection. Admission will be revoked if abuse clearance shows any record of abuse. Admission will be revoked if candidate does not complete health requirements and CPR certification.

There is a $35 fee to retake the Pre-Entrance test.