Name, Credentials and Title Phone # & Ext. Email Address
Mrs. Alicia B. Lentz, MSN/ED, RN
Coordinator, Practical Nursing
Financial Aid Administrator
717-447-0394 Ext. 302
Mrs. Lisa J. Becker, MSN/ED, RN
Instructor, Practical Nursing
717-447-0394 Ext. 305
Mrs. Melinda Brought, RN
Instructor, Practical Nursing
717-447-0394 Ext. 304
Mrs. Rebecca M. Fultz
Administrative Assistant
717-447-0394 Ext. 301
Mr. Ben Glover,
Supervisor of Adult Ed and Post-Secondary Education
717-248-3933 Ext. 5831

Mifflin Co. Academy Administrative & Business Office Personnel:

Mr. Dan Potutschnig
Administrative Director

Mrs. Melinda Kenepp
MCSD Accountant
MCSD Office: 717-447-2517
Academy Office – Every Wed. – 717-248-3933 Ext. 105

Ms. Melissa Heller
Financial Aid Consultant